SNA (Student Nurses Association)

An Overview

The College of Nursing Student Nurses' Association (SNA) was started in the year 2011. The SNA provides educational programs, communicates issues and concerns relevant to nursing, encourages participation in community health-related activities and promotes legislative involvement of the nursing student. The SNA aids in the development of the whole person, his/her professional role and his/her responsibility for healthcare of people in all walks of life.


The purposes of the SNA are to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interest and concerns to nursing students. Membership in SNA aids in the development of the whole person, including the professional role.

The SNA Achieve This By

  • Influencing the educational process;
  • Promoting and encouraging participation in community affairs and activities;
  • Representing students to the consumer, institutions, and other organizations;
  • Promoting and encouraging student participation in interdisciplinary activities and recruitment efforts regardless of a person's race, color, creed, life style, gender, national origin, age or economic status;
  • Promoting collaborative relationships with other nursing and health organizations.


  • All the students of Dinsha Patel College of Nursing are members.
  • Membership fee : Registration Rs. 150/-
  • Annual fee to the college : Rs. 600/

Members of Students nursing association (S.N.A.)

  • Director
  • Principal
  • SNA Advisor
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer

1. Title Of The Committee :  Student Nurse Association Unit C/o Dinsha Patel college of Nursing, Nadiad                                                 
2. Details of committee members:

Sr. No.

Faculty Name

Designation  in committee





Ms.Neha parmar



Mr. Virendra Jain



Mrs. Arpita Vaidya



Mr. Nickson Das



Mr. Kailash Nagar



Ms. Bhumika Chhatbar



Ms Shefali makvana



Mr.Pragnesh patel



Ms. Hetal Gandhi



Ms. Khushbu Patel


3. Objectivesof Committee:

  • To help students to uphold the dignity and ideals of the profession for which they are qualifying.
  • To promote a corporate spirit among students for common good.
  • To furnish Nurses in training with advice in their courses of study leading up to professional qualification.
  • To encourage leadership ability and help students to gain a wide knowledge of the Nursing profession in all its different branches and aspects.
  • To increase the students’ social contacts and general knowledge in order to help them take their place in the world when they have finished their training.
  • To encourage both professional and recreational meetings, games and sports.
  • To provide a special section in The Nursing Journal of India for the benefit of students.
  • To encourage students to compete for prizes in the Student Nurses’ Exhibition and various competitions, and also to attend national and regional Conferences.

4. Strategies / Policies for Attainment of Objectives
Note: All the Rules /Regulation / policies is derived from TNAI/SNA manual and same have implemented for local unit

  • Membership
  • SNA Membership Enrolment

              Membership shall be open to all student nurses of basic programmes: Auxiliary nurse midwives/ multipurpose health worker (female), general nursing and midwifery and basic B.Sc. nursing students. Membership can only be affected through a unit. No individual student may be enrolled.
Application to form a unit shall be made through the nursing head of the institute.  A student failing to complete her or his training shall cease automatically to be a member of the student nurses association and her name shall be taken off the roll by the unit secretary. Student failing to pay annual SNA subscription shall be debarred from contesting SNA office.
A student opting for the new Membership Plan has to pay just a lump sum Rs. 2,000/- (inclusive of SNA subscription for 4 years, Scholarship Fund and SNA to TNAI Membershipfee) and he/ she shall become a full TNAI Member automatically after completion of thecourse, thus saving substantially and avoiding to pay annual fee every year. Under the existing rules, at the time of becoming SNAI Member the student pays Rs.150/- per year plus Rs. 50/- (towards Scholarship Fund) for 1st year, and Rs. 150/- yearlyfor 2nd, 3rd and 4th years.

  • SNA Members Record

           The unit secretaries shall furnish annually the statement of student members, year wise of their units along with annual subscription to the national SNA advisor of the student nurses association to keep the unit membership up to date.

  • Transfer of SNA to TNAI Membership

            Members of the student nurses association on completion of their training shall be eligible for full membership in TNAI. The application from student for full membership, if it comes through the unit advisor or signed by the head of the institution shall be considered valid without accompanying registration certificate. Student members who apply within six months of the completion of the course shall receive the concession in the annual membership fee which is set by the TNAI. No concession will be given after the six months.

  • Fees:

           The membership fee per annum per student for all categories of nursing students shall be as per revision made from time to time. Annual subscription shall be paid upon joining the association and thereafter renewed every year.

  • SNA Scholar ship

           In place of SNA - ICN delegate fund earlier used for sending delegates to international conferences, four scholarships have been established since 1984. They shall be given for the entire training period after reviewing each year’s performance

  • Rules and regulations

           A copy of the Rules and regulations and bye laws shall be provided free to each unit upon joining the association

  • The nursing journal of India

        Two copies of the nursing journal of India shall be supplied free to each unit. One more extra copy will be provided to every additional 25 members. Not more than four copies of the journal will be provided free to one unit. Students can also directly subscribe for the personal copy of the journal at the rate of prescribed from time to time.

  • SNA state branch advisor, vice president and secretary

SNA Advisor, Vice president and Secretary shall represent the state branches on the general committee which shall be normally met annually. Vice president and secretary shall also represent the state branches as observers at the TNAI House of Delegates meetings and the conference. The chairman of the General Committee shall be the Vice president of the branch hoisting the meetings. In the event of inability expressed by the host Branch, the vice president of any other state in rotation shall chair the SNA meetings.

  •  State Branches:
  • The object of a State branch shall be to carry out the objectives of the student nurses association as set out in the rules and regulations
  • Members of the SNA resident in a State shall be members of the SNA State Branch of the State. The Branch may consist of one or more Units.
  • The SNA State Branch Executive Committee shall be constituted as follows.


  • President, TNAI of the Branch
  • State SNA Advisor
  • State Branch SNA Vice President
  • State Branch SNA Secretary
  • State Branch SNA Treasurer
  • State Branch SNA Programme Chairman 

Ex – Officio:

  • Hony. Secretary of the TNAI Branch
  • Hony. Treasurer of the TNAI Branch

               Elections of officers of the State Branch shall be held at the time of annual or biennial meetings or Conferences.
 The Office Bearers of the State Branches and their Functions.

  • State Branch Vice President: State Branch Vice President shall represent the State Branch at SNA General Committee meeting and as an observer at certain TNAI meetings and Conferences. She or He shall be the Chairperson of the SNA State Branch Committee and shall preside at the annual meetings and State Branch Executive Meetings.
  • State Branch Secretary: State Branch Secretary shall perform the duties usually pertaining to that office which shall include convening of meetings and keeping a record of meetings and the minutes of the meetings. She / He should submit her/his report to the State Branch Advisor who, in turn would submit the report to the National SNA Advisor and keep her/him informed of the State Branch news and activities.
  • Treasurer shall work in collaboration with TNAI State Branch. Treasurer and SNA Advisor shall help in raising funds for State Branch activities.
  • Programme chairperson shall be responsible for drawing up the State Branch programme for the Year.

Three fifths of the members shall form a quorum for the State Branch Executive Committee Meeting. If it is not complete may adjourn for half an hour and meet again at the same place and transact the agenda
SNA GENERAL BODY:                      
The SNA General Body of the State shall consist of

  • State SNA Executive of the State shall consist itself
  • SNA unit representatives

The State SNA General Body Meeting of the SNA shall be held annually or bi- annually at the time of State Conference or otherwise.

  • Expenses:

The Expenses of State SNA Office Bearers, State SNA Advisors, Vice Presidents and Secretaries attending national meeting will be met by the TNAI Head quarters duly approved by the TNAI Council from SNA General Fund.

  • Accounts:

The funds of the State Association shall be kept by TNAI and each unit can keep the local accounts with the Institutions.

  •  Exhibition:

There shall be an exhibition at the time of SNA Conference. The judging of the exhibitions shall be done by a panel of judges and prizes awarded as per prescribed conference Guidelines.

  • SNA Election Procedure
  • Any SNA member from the SNA unit in regular membership with the SNA at national level may make nominations for the office of the State SNA vice President, secretary, Treasurer and Programme Chairperson
  • The election Committee and the returning officer shall be appointed by the SNA Executive Committee.
  • The election Committee shall ascertain from nominees their consent for contesting the election and to undertake the choice of the office in case they are nominated for more than one office.
  • The SNA Advisor of the concerned Unit shall verify the validity of the nominee
  • The election Committee would call the nomination either at the time of election or earlier on a prescribed form or listing on the board whatever is convenient.
  • Three highest nominations in order of merit shall be listed at the time of election.
  • Any contesting candidate can withdraw the form before holding the election.
  • The  election shall be carried out by secret ballot at the time of SNA general Committee meeting of the State and also General Body meeting of the unit,

Eligible Voters

  • The eligible voters shall be the representatives of the SNA Units in their respective States.
  • Each State unit shall furnish the list of eligible voters to the State  SNA Advisor or the returning Officer keeping some standby names
  • Returning officer or her or his deputy will have the custody of the keys of the Ballot Boxes if used
  • The returning officer at the time of election shall appoint the required number of polling Officers, Tellers and Supervisors for the purpose of election.

Voting Procedure:

  • No canvassing shall be permitted on the day of the election. No person other than the voters shall be permitted within the area of the polling booth.
  • The voters shall queue up at the polling counters and shall indicate their names and show recent Unit annual subscription receipt issued by the TNAI Headquarters and sign the voter list before entering the election hall.
  • Polling Officer after checking voters’ identity would score off the name of voters in red ink.
  • Voting may be done either by raising hands or secret ballot whatever is feasible for the Branch.
  • The empty ballot boxes if used shall be inspected by the polling officers, supervisors and representatives of the contestants. These are then closed or locked properly and used for voting.

Election Results:

  • In case voting is done by raising hands, these are counted and written against each contestant. In the secret ballot system immediately after polling is over, the Ballot Boxes shall be opened by the returning officer and these are counted in the presence of pollers, supervisors and contestants’ representative(s) if any. Invalid votes are also counted and kept separately.
  • After the counting is completed, contestants are listed in order of merit. Results are signed by the returning officer and others involved in conducting the election and results announced immediately by the Returning Officer. Election results sheet is handed over to the State SNA Advisor who shall make a note of the elections that have been held and declared valid in her/his presence and she/he should sign the same.
  • The contestant getting the highest votes shall be declared elected to the concerned office.
  • Ballot Paper, if any used shall be destroyed after 30 days if there is no dispute.


Election Disputes:

All disputes will be settled by a committee consisting of President of the Branch, Returning officer and the State SNA Advisor. Decision, if any, shall be made known to the Branch Executive within 30 days of the dispute committee’s decision.

  •  SNA Units

Each SNA Unit should elect its own office bearers in its General Body Meeting. These officers shall be elected to hold the following positions.

  • SNA Unit Advisor
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Programme Chairperson

The above mentioned members shall be the members of Executive body also. The Executive Committee should hold meetings at regular intervals. The SNA Advisor is responsible to see that as soon as a nurse is graduated she is given an SNA to TNAI form for membership in TNAI. Any change of address should be notified to Secretary TNAI.
6. Distribution of Work among Members

Sr. No.

Faculty Name

Role and Responsibility



Overall supervision of work progress and guidance


Ms.Neha parmar

Maintain record and report (Documentation)  of proceeding meetings
Planning related to further programs includes into SNA
Follow up the work progress


Ms. Neha Parmar
Mr. Nixon Das

Financial records of SNA


Mr. Kailash Nagar


Enrollment Registration of new students  


Ms. Bhumika Chhatbar


Ms. shefali makvana

Cultural activities and sports activities


Mr.Pragnesh patel


Ms. Hetal Gandhi

Maintenance of records & reports of all events along with file works of SNA


Ms. Khushbu Patel

Collaboration in  SNA election & sports activities

  • List of records to be maintained in committee
  • Meeting minutes
  • Financial transaction record
  • Final Report Record
  • Event management Record
  • Student enrollment record
  • Correspondence record
  • SNA Circular file
  • SNA fine collection book


Office Bearers Of TNAI/ SNA Gujarat State, Branch



Name & TNAI No.

address of the Nominee



Mr. Dipkamal B. Vyas                                     

TNAI no. 46798
C/33 Shyam Sunder Society, Vaghodiya Road Vadodara-
390019. Gujarat



Mr. Mr. Jayesh Andhariya

TNAI No.9954
B/18, Vrajdham Society
Near Karnala Nagar Bus Stop, Ajawa Road, Vadodara-390019, Gujarat



Mr. Kiran V. Domadia

B/302, Abhishek Appts., B/S Vaishali Cinema, Varachha Road, Surat- 395 006.



Mr. Vinod N. Patel

Male Nurse, SSG Hospital, Vadodara


SNA Advisor

Mr. I. A. Kadiwala

TNAI No.51025
SSG Hospital
Sayajiganj Vadodara-390005. Gujarat


Chairperson Nursing Education & Research Committee

Mr. Kamalkant B. Halvadiya

Govt. College of Nursing, Sir. T. Hospital, Bhavnagar


Chairperson Nursing Service

Mr. Babu K. Prajapati

TNAI No.108610
Nursing Suptd.
Civil Hospital, Asarawa, Ahmedabad-380004.



Chairperson Socio Economic Welfare Committee

Mr. Jitendra Meh

TNAI No.128602
GCON PDU Hospital


Chairperson Membership Committee

Mr. Dharmendra H. Rawal

GG Hospital, Jamnagar


Chairperson Programme Committee

Mr. Hitesh R. Bhatt

 TNAI No.47500
Mental Hospital Karli Baug


Chairperson LHV/ANM Committee

Ms. Jyotsanaben Pandya

A/4, Panjari Apprt, Near Chintan Park Society, Vasana, Ahmedabad


Zonal Representative (Saurastra & Kutch Zone)

Mr. Darshan Soman

TNAI No.169140
Sir T Hospital
Jail Road, Bhavnagar-364001


Zonal Representative (South Zone)

Mr. Dinesh Agrawal

TNAI No.58175
New Civil Hospital
Majura Gate


Zonal Representative (Central Zone)

Mr. Hasmukh D Patel

A/14, Deep Mangal Society, Near Railway Station, Padara, Vadodara







Mrs. Anita Deodhar


Vice President

Ms. Surekha Sama



Mrs. Evelyn. P. Kannan



Dr. Bhargavi CN

SNA Unit Calendar