Green Audit

1. Title of the committee : Green Audit committee

2. Details of committee members :

No. Name of Designation in committee

  1. Mr. Virendra Jain Chairman
  2. Ms.Kiran Dolia Secretary
  3. Mrs. Arpita Vaidya Member
  4. Mrs. Hetal Gandhi Member
  5. Ms. Dipti Parmar Member
  6. Ms. Drumini patel Member
  7. Ms. Dharini patel Member

3. Objective of Committee :

  • To do plantation of Maximum tree to protection the environment.
  • To create environmental awareness among students.
  • To make effective waste management (solid,water)
  • Effectively using Alternate energy initiatives such as (Solar plant)
  • Implement Audit such as :
    • Water audit
    • Energy audit
    • Waste management audit
    • Green audit
  • To try to make our college plastic free, ecofriendly and have to take measure towards believe it.
  • To care and periodically evaluation of tree.
  • Observation and maintain the garden area.
  • To implement paperless office.
  • To make Average percentage expenditure on green initiatives and waste management.
  • Use bicycles for pollution free environment.

4. Strategies/Recommendation :

  • Following area covered for environment management.
  • Water management
  • Energy Conservation.
  • Waste management
  • E waste management
  • Green area Management
  • Use of LED for energy conservation
  • Single sided papers to be used for writing and photocopy.
  • Important and confidential papers after their validity to be sent for pulping.
  • Recycle or safely dispose of white goods, computers and electrical appliances.
  • Review periodically the list of trees planted in the garden, allot numbers to the trees and keep records. Give scientific names to the tree and maintain green card
  • Promote environmental awareness as a part of course work in various curricular areas, independent research projects, and community services.
  • Create awareness of environmental sustainability and takes action to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Establish a college environmental committee that will hold responsibility for the enforcement and review of the environmental policy.
  • Ensure that an audit is conducted annually and action is taken on the basis of audit report, recommendation and findings.
  • Celebrate every year 5th June as “Environment Day” and plant trees on this day to make the campus more Green.

Composition of Go Green committee :

Sr no. Position Members profile Members

  1. Chairperson A senior faculty member of college. To be nominated by the provost. Mr. Virendra Jain
  2. Secretory Assistant professor Ms. Kiran
  3. Member Gardener
  4. Member For garden work and maintaining of Green card university/college nominated by the provost.
  5. Member GNM Class vise responsible tutor Ms. Dharini patel
  6. Member B.Sc. Class vise responsible tutor. Ms. Hetal Gandhi

5. Distribution of Work :

Members :

  • Work accordingly to fulfill the objectives
  • To searching issues
  • Encourages the students for sharing their problems
  • Monitoring class vise plantation.
  • Secretory :

    • To making agenda on every 13th
    • Planning accordingly policy of WDC
    • Resolve the problems of students
    • Forward to the chair person

    Chair person :

    • Guide to Secretory and whole group members.
    • Give their suggestion
    • Solve the student problems
    • Evaluation of team work

    6. List of records to be maintained in committee :

    • Agenda and minutes of the meetings register
    • Monthly report
    • Circulars
    • Green audit file
    • Bills, file