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Form No. 6: Feedback from Employer’s


  • Dinsha Patel College of Nursing is committed to deliver the highest quality services to students, patients and society. Many of our Alumni are working in your prestigious institute and we are very thankful to you for providing employment to them. For the development and assessment of the institute, we would appreciate your time to fill up this feedback form which helps us to measure the quality of our graduates and give you better employee in future.

Please tick (√) number in appropriate box that describes the performance of our alumni at your level of satisfaction.

1 2 3 4 5
Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Good Very Good Excellent
Sr.No. Parameters Scale
1 Ability to contribute to the goal of the Organization 12345
2 Working as a part of a team 12345
3 Creative in response to workplace Challenges 12345
4 General communication skills 12345
5 Planning and organizational skills 12345
6 Using technology and workplace equipments 12345
7 Ability to manage/leadership qualities 12345
8 Innovativeness and creativity 12345
9 Relationship with Seniors/ Peers/ Subordinates 12345
10 Ability to take up extra responsibility 12345
11 Open to new idea and learning new technique 12345
12 Obligation to work beyond schedule if required 12345