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Form No. 7: Professional Feedback


  • This form is intended to collect information relating to your satisfaction towards the Curriculum or Syllabus, teaching, learning, evaluation and infrastructure. The information provided by you will be kept confidential and will be used as important feedback for quality improvement of the programme of studies and the institution.

Professionals are required to rate the Curriculum on the following attributes using grade shown.

1 2 3 4 5
Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Good Very Good Excellent
Sr.No. Parameters Scale
1 Programs offered by the College have relevance to global and societal needs. 12345
2 The course objectives are clear and reflected in curriculum 12345
3 Student welfare system is effective and satisfactory 12345
4 The nursing curriculum have a good balance between theory and practical 12345
5 Syllabus is well structured to achieve the learning outcomes. 12345
6 Facilities provided by the Institution like Labs, Library , Clinicals and Canteen 12345
7 The examination and the evaluation system followed by the Institution is effective. 12345
8 The curriculum designed is under the scope of student. 12345
9 Does the course address about human/social values, professional ethics. 12345
10 The faculties working at college is working well for promoting quality in the institution 12345